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Looking for information about Scottish education from a parent or carer’s viewpoint, have a query about the role of the Parent Council or PTA, or an existing SPTC member with a burning question? Or maybe you run a club or group for children? You’ve come to the right place!

SPTC is a parents’ organisation dedicated to sharing information and advice to make parental involvement in Scottish schools as good as it can be. On this site you’ll find information we hope will be useful to you, and signposts to many other organisations. There’s information, too, about membership of SPTC for PTAs, PCs or other parent-led groups, and about how you can be involved in the biggest parents’ group in Scotland.

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On your behalf

  • Eleanor Coner going to Baltimore to continue our work with Partnership Schools, 25th March
  • Eileen Prior attending a meeting on Developing Scotland's Young Workforce, 26th March
  • Eileen Prior attending an SQA Advisory Council Meeting, 30th March


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