About SPTC

At SPTC we strive to make parental involvement in education as good as it can be. We do this by working with our members and running a range of training schemes and projects.


We are an independent charity funded by membership. We do not receive any council or government funding.


Our members are a mixture of parent councils, parent teacher associations and other parent groups who pay for membership or have membership paid for them by their local authority. We are also now accepting individual members.

Being a member of the SPTC has a range of benefits which you can find out about here.


SPTC is led by a board of directors and has a small team of staff: some based in our Edinburgh office, others working with parents and carers around Scotland.

We’re Hiring

We're looking for a new Regional Adviser in Edinburgh and the Lothians. This is a sessional post for someone passionate about parental engagement.

SPTC this week

- Eileen Prior delivering PVG online session 24 April
-Eleanor Coner at Westfield Primary School 25 April
- Eleanor Coner delivering Partnership Schools training in Angus 25 April
- Claire Wheeler delivering Partnership Schools training at Craiglockhart Primary School 25 April
- Dorothy Hooper delivering Parent Council Essentials at St Michael's Primary School 26 April
- Claire Wheeler delivering Involving All Parents at Uphall Primary School 26 April
- Eileen Prior at Scottish Council for Independent Schools 26 April
- Gwen Wells delivering Role of Office Bearers and Committee Members at Buckhaven Primary School 27 April
- Eleanor Coner at the Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools Conference 28 April
- SPTC Board Meeting 29 April

What we do

SPTC is dedicated to providing information and support to parents and carers to support their involvement in their child’s education. Our helpline, website, publications and events are all geared to helping make parental involvement as good as it can be.

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How we’re run

We’re small, but perfectly formed! As a charity and company limited by guarantee, SPTC is run by parents and teachers, for parents.

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The SPTC Blog has regular posts on a variety of subjects that affect or are of interest to parents. - Click here.


Backchat is our termly newsletter that goes out to all our members and contacts. It includes news about what is happening in Scottish Education as well as news and events that we think will be of interest to parents and carers.

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Up to date Contact

Do we have your parent group's most up to date contact details?
We will soon be sending out membership renewal packs for the upcoming year 2017/18. If your group's main contact has changed since August 2016, please get in touch and let us know - sptc@sptc.info

SPTC Membership

This year we launched our new membership model. You can:

Why join SPTC?

There are lots of good reasons for your parent group to join SPTC.

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