Backchat: Issue no. 143, May 2017

In this issue:

  • Membership renewal
  • Inspire your children to read over summer
  • Have your say on PVG
  • Bikeability cycle training

and much more! Download the full PDF version here.


Membership renewal

If your parent group pays for its own membership of SPTC, you’ll be receiving your renewal pack VERY soon!

Although that gives you lots of time before the end of the membership year (the end of July) we know it’s a busy time of year, so be sure to start the process now, and get the paperwork back to us as soon as you can.

Remember you can choose a membership level that is right for your group. There is a wide range of benefit options to select from, including access to the member area of our website, information and training sessions, a tailored insurance package and the option of SPTC processing your group’s PVG applications.

SPTC is the only charity in Scotland dedicated to supporting parents and their involvement with schools – your membership money makes our work possible, so you’re helping your parents and many more too!

PS – if your group’s membership is paid for by your Local Authority, look out for info after the summer holiday!


Changes to the Parental Involvement Act

Watch out for the report from National Parent Forum of Scotland on their review of the Parental Involvement Act. The Act brought about Parent Councils, Parent Forums and the National Parent Forum itself – and sets out how parents should be involved in working with their child’s school to support children’s learning.

SPTC has been part of a small group pulled together to comment on the review process and findings over the last six months or so – we’ll make sure to publicise the report and our comments when it is published.

Government will look at the report and recommendations for action, then decide whether or not to adopt some or all of the recommendations. So you can expect some changes!


PVG Scheme – have your say

Are you a volunteer for your parent group? Are you a member of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme?

Your country needs you!

The PVG is being reviewed, and the review team at Disclosure Scotland especially want to speak to volunteers who are members, to find out how the process has worked for them.

At SPTC we have long worked to make sure the Disclosure system and PVGs are used when they should be, but not used as a barrier to parents who want to get involved with their child’s school and education. Sadly, the PVG Scheme is often not used properly – in some cases it is under-used (we’re seeing lots of examples in sports coaching where coaches are not PVG checked) and in some it is over-used (stopping parents from being part of learning in schools).

We believe PVG should be used properly to make sure people who are unsuitable to work with children are stopped from doing so – it shouldn’t be used to keep parents out and it should not be used as a blanket measure. Life just isn’t that simple.

We’ll keep you informed – but in the meantime you can answer a few questions about PVG here