About Gathered Together (Cruinn Còmhla)

SPTC and BEMIS are working together on an exciting project, Gathered Together (Cruinn Còmhla), to support parents from ethnic and cultural minorities getting involved with their children’s school.

Funded through the Scottish Government Early Intervention Fund and managed by The Big Fund, the project has been designed to encourage parents and carers from ethnic and cultural minorities throughout Scotland to identify and develop practical ways that support parental participation in their children’s education, and to help parent councils to make their school community as inclusive as possible.

Research shows that parental involvement with their child(s) education improves life chances and outcomes for their future – that’s why Scotland has legislation to support it. Parent Councils are there to represent all the parent forum (that’s all parents and carers who have children at the school) but that can be a daunting task, and we know many welcome help and advice to find ways of communicating and involving the range of parents.

Steering Group

We’ve recruited a 26-member Steering Committee for Gathered Together. This includes Education Scotland, National Parent Forum Scotland, Grampian Regional Equality Network, all pilot local authorities, the General Teaching Council Scotland and teacher associations.  Working with us they will give regular input on Gathered Together throughout its duration, ensuring we have a critical and impartial eye to guide us.

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