New Membership Model Q&A

From 1 August 2016, we’ve made changes to the types of membership we offer, and to the charging structure. We’ve done a lot of work on the re-design of the membership. You might remember we sent out a survey to find out what is most important to you – so we were able to use what you told us.

Download the new membership application form here.

Read on – here’s the lowdown on the new memberships!

What’s changing?

We’ve re-organised the size bands, and now have four levels of membership too. So your membership fee will depend on the size of your school and the level of benefits you need.

For example, we think if your Parent Council only has meetings, and does no fundraising or social activities, you should pay less than the very active groups which organise big events or runs lots of clubs. So you can chose what level of membership you want and – if you chose 4* – benefit from new member benefits too.

What’s important about the size of school?

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the size and types of schools who are members – instead of large numbers of small schools, we now have campuses and all-through schools as well as very large schools.  This has meant that small schools have effectively been subsidising big schools. So we have changed the size bands, charging more to larger schools, and holding or reducing charges to small schools.

Our local authority pays for our membership. How does this affect us?

We’re talking to authorities about the membership bands and they will decide what level they are prepared to pay for. Then we’ll send you details of what that includes – then you can choose to top up your membership to get a higher level of benefits. Just look out for the information we send to help you decide. Remember we need up to date contact details for your group!

I don’t think we want membership – can we just pay for insurance?

SPTC is a membership organisation and membership (2 – 4*) includes different levels of insurance for your activities as well as other benefits. We can’t and don’t sell insurance – you need to be a member to get that benefit.

What is EPL?

EPL stands for Extended Public Liability. EPL is one of the benefits you get in 4* membership, allowing you to share your Public Liability cover with stall holders and low-risk entertainers who don’t have their own insurance and are taking part in your events.

I just want to keep my membership the same as it is currently. Which band do I select for this?

Take a look at the chart below to find the level of membership that suits you best – 1* is the same as our old Associate membership, and 3* is broadly similar to Ordinary membership.

We like your information sessions but you are now limiting the number of sessions we can have?

We love our information sessions too, but we have to make sure the membership fee covers the cost of running them. So we have limited the number of sessions any one member can host – but remember you can join with other groups to organise sessions in your learning community or cluster.

 I want to organise training sessions but I am not interested in insurance?

We can run information sessions for any parent group – just get in touch. But membership presents the best value because we charge to run sessions for non-members.

What does “Major project” mean under 4 star membership?

Through our insurance broker, we’ll be able to offer advice on risk assessments and insurance requirements for large public events, which can also include a quote for cancellation cover and adverse weather.