Parents’ Voice Results: Upstart and School Starting Age

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Back in September, our Parents’ Voice survey group completed a survey on the subject of the Upstart Scotland campaign and school starting age. Thank you to all who took part in this survey, we received 430 responses. We’d also like to apologise for the lengthy delay in the processing and release of the results to this survey. Unfortunately, amongst the Education Governance Review, the Christmas holidays and the January return to work, it kept slipping down the agenda.
We’re releasing these results now, and within the next couple of weeks we will release the results of the section from the member’s survey which asked our members to evaluate SPTC and our services.

Also coming within the next couple of weeks will be the next Parents’ Voice survey which is on the subject of the transitional periods between primary, high school and beyond as well as the smaller transitions between school years.

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In terms of Upstart, we found that generally the concept of delaying the start of formal education until age seven was quite popular. Largely, recipients indicated that they would support the idea or that they would consider it given more information and research. Though the numbers showed this, the comments highlighted some of the concerns about the concept. These varied from questions about how working families would manage childcare in the case of a delayed start to formal education to questions over the readiness of children for formal education according to their age. Many thanks to those who shared their personal experiences, these were particularly interesting to read and we have shared them in the results.

To view the results, click here to view the PDF.