Parents’ Voice: Transitions – April 2017

For the March survey, we asked you about your experiences with your child’s move (transition) between school levels. For this, we carried out two surveys – one looking at the move between preschool and primary school, and one looking at the move between primary and secondary school. Separate results for each survey can be found below.

There are some interesting comparisons between the two moves:

  • Overall, parents received more information and had a more involved transition experience at primary level but they also had a higher level of dissatisfaction with how their concerns were handled, and how they understand their role as a parent.
  • For the secondary transition, the percentages of parents; visiting the school and meeting teachers, getting easy-to-understand information about the school and having a member of staff they could ask questions were all significantly lower than at primary level. Despite this, a higher percentage of parents understood what was expected of them as a parent.
  • From the comments, there were examples of schools doing a great job with the transition experience. However, particularly at secondary level, lots of schools are not getting it right.

View the full results for each survey here:

Click here to view the Preschool to Primary One results

Click here to view the Primary 7 to Secondary school results