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What is a Parent Council?

Click here to download PDF version   What is the Parent Forum? The 2006 Parental Involvement Act states that every school in Scotland has a Parent Forum which consists of all the parents/carers who have a child at the school. They are automatically members, whether they like it or not!   The Parent Forum can expect […]

Parents Make Their Voices Heard on Standardised Assessment , 4 January 2016

SPTC asked its Parents Voice survey group for their thoughts on the Government’s Draft National Improvement Framework for education, which puts specific responsibilities on parents and carers and, importantly, reintroduces standardised assessment of pupils. 265 people responded: overall, 29.3% of respondents agree with the principle of standardised assessment while 49.3% have mixed feelings. 16.4% disagree […]

SQA release statement on 2015 exam results

Today (4 August) the Scottish Qualifications Agency (SQA) announced the results for National Courses and Awards 2015. Results certificates are being sent to 142,862 candidates across Scotland. The candidates have been rewarded for completing coursework, exams and unit assessments throughout the academic year 2014-15 in a wide range of qualifications and subjects. Dr Janet Brown, SQA’s chief […]

A guide to the SCQF for parents and carers

If your child is studying SQA qualifications, the chances are you’ll have heard about the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). SCQF (with the help of SPTC!) have produced this guide specifically for parents and carers. This guide will help you match up your child’s qualification or outside study to the relevant SCQF level. A guide […]

Media Issues for August

School meals Do children go hungry in the school holidays? (BBC News, 03/08/2015) Benefit cuts mean this summer holiday has been even more hungry than usual (Guardian, 05/08/2015) PARENTS and carers of city pupils have ruled out any move to close or cut the number of breakfast clubs in schools. (Herald Scotland, 26/08/2015) Exam results […]

New performance data available on Parentzone

Today new information on performance of leavers from S4-S6 has been added to the Parentzone Scotland website this year, in line with the ongoing implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. The new information covers five areas: initial leavers destinations attainment in literacy and numeracy of school leavers attainment in context of deprivation by SIMD quintile for […]

Parents’ Voice – National Qualifications and Curriculum for Excellence, September 2014

Parents Voice is SPTC’s on-line survey group, comprising more than 1000 parents who receive occasional on-line surveys on topics relating to education and schooling. This year we surveyed parents on their experiences around the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence and the new National exams. Survey Background 2014 saw the first run of National Qualifications in […]

Media issues for September 2014

Child Protection Postgraduate certificate from NSPCC Scotland and Stirling University wants to equip practitioners for the reality of their work. (Guardian, 01/09/2014) Religion SCOTLAND’S denominational schools would be given constitutional protection in the event of independence, an SNP Government minister has claimed. (Herald Scotland, 15/09/2014) Health A hundred schools across Scotland are attempting to drive […]

Curriculum Impact Report on Sciences, October 2013

Education Scotland has published an update on its previous report on how schools are implementing the curriculum in relation to sciences. The report makes interesting reading and clearly demonstrates many of the tensions around the development and implementation of the new approaches required by the curriculum. In particular it highlights some of the issues parents […]

SPTC position on issue of Scottish Referendum in Schools, May 2013

The Scottish Parliament has confirmed that in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, young people aged 16 and 17 will have the opportunity to vote (ie two years earlier than in local and national government elections). Since many 16 and 17 year-olds are at school, SPTC has considered the question of how (and indeed if) the […]

Scottish Survey on Numeracy and Literacy, April 2013

Scotland’s Chief Statistician today (24 April 2013) published the results of the 2012 Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN).  This is the first time that literacy results have been published from this annual survey which monitors national performance in literacy and numeracy in alternate years.  The survey covers pupils at P4, P7 and S2.  […]

Government announces new focus on Attainment, March 2013

Cabinet Secretary for Education, Mike Russell, has announced plans to set up a system of  ‘partner’ schools to drive up standards. Here’s a link to the press release issued on 28 March. SPTC’s view is that Mike Russell’s assessment of the situation in our schools is clear and accurate. He is also right when he […]

Inquiry into learning foreign languages in primary schools – submission by SPTC, February 2013

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC) thanks the European and External Relations Committee for the opportunity to give evidence to its inquiry into the learning of foreign languages in primary schools.  In developing our response we have carried out desk research and discussed the issues extensively with individual parent members and board members. Background SPTC […]

ICT in Education Excellence Group report, January 2013

The Government set up an Excellence Group in 2012 to look into next steps for best use of technology in schools. The group has published its final report. You can find it here

CfE Briefing on move from Broad General Education to Senior Phase, January 2013

Education Scotland has issued a briefing for schools with information and advice for parents and pupils on the move from the Broad General Education (BGE) into the senior phase.

Science and the Parliament, November 2012

The day took the form of two sessions with posters, stalls, presentation of educational awards and then three debates. The first debate was on growing businesses from research in universities.  There was a focus on how this type of activity might be improved or damaged by moving to an independent Scotland. Second was a question-time […]

Submitted Article to the Times Educational Supplement: Parents’ Perspective on CfE, October 2012

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