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Can we sell home made cakes or are we restricted by food safety regulations?

Do we need a food hygiene certificate for a barbecue?

Does our insurance cover a Walking Bus?

Oy, leave those kids alone!

We were fortunate enough to have Judith Hackitt, Chair of Health and Safety Executive, write this blog post for our website about the importance of play for children. Judith has written previously on the subject of young people and risk, you can find this on the HSE website. The Health and Safety Executive works to […]

Media Issues for May

Languages The EIS made the move after members warned the current fashion for the Communist-funded Chinese classes was diverting attention away from core subjects like French, Spanish and, especially, German. (Herald Scotland, 04/05/2015) Attainment Gap At the 2007 Holyrood elections, the Scottish National party campaigned to “dump the debt” accrued by students at Scottish universities. […]

Media issues for April

Higher Education Several colleges did not handle cuts in the number of senior staff during a major reform programme as well as they could have, according to the public spending watchdog (BBC News, 02/04/2015) Budget watchdog says Scotland’s further education colleges managed their finances and organisation well through the process of merging into bigger public […]

Media issues for August 2014

Exams  NEW school qualifications have been hailed a success after more than a year of upheaval in the classroom, although pass rates at Higher and Advanced Higher have fallen. (Herald Scotland, 05/08/2014) TENS of thousands of school students across Scotland will receive their exam results today, with the pass rate falling slightly for the first time in […]

Does additional support mean one-to-one support in class?

Growing Up in Scotland Conference – New Findings 2014

Growing Up in Scotland is a research study commissioned by the Scottish Government. It aims to track the lives of thousands of children and families from early years to childhood and beyond.  GUS provides new information to help the Scottish Government and others develop policies and services for children and their families so that all […]

Flushed with Success Round Table Event – June 2014

June 2014 Report by SPTC director Jeanna Brady. Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People helps young people understand their rights and to make sure those rights are respected. Their goal is for children and young people in Scotland to be as safe and happy as possible. Flushed with Success? is the Commissioner’s campaign for […]


Flushed with Success? Setting the standard for Scotland’s school toilets.

Scotland’s Commissioner for Young People Tam Baillie is running a campaign called Flushed With Success? Setting the Standard for Scotland’s School Toilets. Read more about the project here. The aim of the campaign is to address the quality and standards of Scotland’s school toilets. Work has already been done in finding out the opinion of […]

Organising Social & Fundraising Events, Dumbarton

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Media issues from December 2013

Schools According to a report commissioned by the Scottish Government, denominational schools do not lead to sectarianism. School meals The EIS teaching union has called for the Scottish Government to fund free school meals for all P1 – 3 children. (BBC website, 23/12/13) Attainment According to the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) Scotland is […]

Media issues from October 2013

Attainment/achievement A study by Oxford University suggests that the level of qualifications achieved by adults now in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s was influenced by social background as much as their own intelligence. (BBC website, 17/10/13) An OECD study suggests that the educational attainment of immigrant children varies depending on the countries they go to. […]

Media issues from August 2013

Education Academics at the London School of Economics find that devolution has failed to substantially improve Scotland’s education system. (15/08/13, The Scotsman) A YouGov study says that 62% of those questioned in Scotland preferred state-run schools – the highest figure in the UK. (28/08/13, The Herald) Curriculum for Excellence The SQA says that schools are […]

SPTC Backs School Toilets Campaign, September 2013

SPTC has backed the new campaign from Tam Baillie, the Children’s Commissioner, for improvement to school toilets. Those with a long memory will recall our Parents Voice survey which asked your views on this issue. We know that many parents are concerned about the state of toilets, including hand washing facilities, and also the way […]

June’s media issues

A round-up of news for June. Schools The New School Action Group (parents) in Edinburgh has entered talks with the council to discuss designing their own primary school. (The Scotsman, 16/06/13) Teachers The EIS teaching union is to discuss industrial action over workload. (The Herald, 04/06/13) SPTC expresses the concern of many parents about the […]

May’s media issues

Interesting news items for the month of May. Schools The SSTA teaching union is calling for criminal and civil action after a spate of end-of-term pranks ended in vandalism and violence.  Quote from SPTC: “… it would be a shame to criminalise pupils for so-called “muck-up” days … criminal behaviour cannot be defended.  However, it […]

Parents Driving Children to Poor Health says Living Streets, May 2013

Parents who walked to school themselves could be driving their children towards chronic ill health in the future which could cost the UK billions, says the Must Try Harder report published by Living Streets today to launch Walk to School Week which the charity runs.