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Do we need a PIPA test for our bouncy castle?

Does a member of the PTA have to be present in the hall during the after-school sessions?

Do we need background checks (PVGs) on possible members of the Parent Council?

Oy, leave those kids alone!

We were fortunate enough to have Judith Hackitt, Chair of Health and Safety Executive, write this blog post for our website about the importance of play for children. Judith has written previously on the subject of young people and risk, you can find this on the HSE website. The Health and Safety Executive works to […]

What do young people and their parents want from self-directed support?

I Want the Same As You: Developing effective independent information and support services for children and young people accessing Self-directed Support The Social Care (Self-directed Support) Scotland Act 2013 came into force in 2014. Self-directed Support enables adults and children and young people to choose how their support is provided, and gives them as much control […]

PACE – Parents against child sexual exploitation

Can my child use the school bus?

PVG for Parent Councils and PTAs – CANCELLED


Flushed with Success Round Table Event – June 2014

June 2014 Report by SPTC director Jeanna Brady. Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People helps young people understand their rights and to make sure those rights are respected. Their goal is for children and young people in Scotland to be as safe and happy as possible. Flushed with Success? is the Commissioner’s campaign for […]

Organising Social & Fundraising Events, Edinburgh

For more information about this session please click here If you would like to register for this event then please drop us an email at or call us on 0131 474 6199 and let us know your name, school and contact details. All training sessions  are  free of charge but we need to have an idea of […]

Children’s Hearings Scotland Act – One Year On 2014

May 2014 The Scottish Child Law Centre is a small charity providing free legal information and advice to children, young people, their families, carers and external organisations on Scots Law relating to children and young people. The SCLC held a conference to discuss the Children’s Hearings Scotland Act of 2011 and how successful the implementation […]

Media issues for April 2014

School news A pupil has died after a wall inside the building of an Edinburgh school collapsed and landed on top of her. (BBC News, 01/04/2014) Police teams are searching Kelso High School after what they have described as a suspicious phone call. (Selkirk Weekend Advertiser, 01/04/2014) How safe are our school buildings? (BBC News, 02/04/2014) […]

Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) legislation for PCs/PTAs, Dumbarton

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Flushed with Success? Setting the standard for Scotland’s school toilets.

Scotland’s Commissioner for Young People Tam Baillie is running a campaign called Flushed With Success? Setting the Standard for Scotland’s School Toilets. Read more about the project here. The aim of the campaign is to address the quality and standards of Scotland’s school toilets. Work has already been done in finding out the opinion of […]

Organising Social & Fundraising Events, Loanhead

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Organising Social & Fundraising Events, Glasgow

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Organising Social & Fundraising Events, Dumbarton

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Parents’ Voice Bullying Survey, June 2013

Parents Voice is SPTC’s on-line survey group, comprising more than 1000 parents who receive occasional on-line surveys on topics relating to education and schooling. The most recent Parents Voice survey was on the topic of Bullying. Key Findings:  75% of respondents feel quite or very satisfied with the way an issue of bullying behaviour was […]

Parents Driving Children to Poor Health says Living Streets, May 2013

Parents who walked to school themselves could be driving their children towards chronic ill health in the future which could cost the UK billions, says the Must Try Harder report published by Living Streets today to launch Walk to School Week which the charity runs.  

Safety at Fundraising Events

Running events safely The membership-linked  public liability insurance  through 2*, 3* and 4* membership covers you for any negligence in decision or action that results in injury to a person or damage to property.  In general this means that you have all the cover that you need for your events.  Information on SPTC Membership Insurance. […]