Pop-up Charity Shop at Webster’s High School

Group/School: Webster's High School

Local Authority: Angus

Category: Collaborating with the community

What did you do?

As one of our Partnership goals we ran a pop up charity shop in one of the towns local to Webster’s. The charity shop was a great way to get parents who would not usually be involved to come along and join in, as we were not asking for money, only items that they no longer needed or used and their time. Because of all the donations, the shop had a great choice of clothing, toys, games, kitchen utensils and books.

Who was involved?

Everyone got involved in this project! Pupils, families and members of the local community. One parent commented that she hadn’t been involved with the school or parent council before because she thought they were quite exclusive, but being involved with the charity shop gave her the chance to get to know other parents and she really enjoyed herself.
The pupils enjoyed working with the community, collecting items, stocking the shop and clearing it out again once the week was up.

What was the biggest success?

It was a tremendous success not only in the amount of money that we raised - £2360.00! - but it also brought the pupils family, school and community together.

Are you going to continue with this work, or has it inspired you to do something else?

This is something that we would repeat again as it was a great start to our Partnership Schools work.

How much did this work cost?

Nothing as it was based around donations and the generosity of families and community members!

You can read a guest blog post about the event on the SPTC blog here: http://scottishptc.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/partnership-schools-at-websters-high.html

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