S1 Parents Information Evening at Trinity Academy, Edinburgh

Group/School: Trinity Academy

Local Authority: Edinburgh

Category: Communicating

What did you do?

From an initial concept from brainstorming 2016/2017 events in June 2016 it took until 26th September 2016 to deliver this event. Much of the work took place from the start of the new school year from late-August onwards.

We have a very active communications sub-group at Trinity Academy and we used this group as way to come up with a top-ten list that we could present on the night. Our aim was to cover topics that "we know now but wish we'd known in S1" From that top ten list we refined the advice we would provide in each area.

We prepared a short PowerPoint presentation purely to introduce each topic with a title and a cartoon or photograph. We did NOT want this to be a corporate slide show but an informal evening.

We used a number of volunteers from the Parent Council to present topics on the night in a café-style setting to encourage questions and discussion.

Following the evening a handout was prepared with more detail of he topics covered and advice presented.

Who was involved?

We received input from all members of our communications sub-group, our chair and Vice-Chair, many of whom also volunteered to be speakers on the night.

What was the biggest success?

Feedback from S1 parents has been very positive and the school intends to use our advice on coping with the first S1 parents’ evening in their material sent out to parents next year.

It was felt the evening also established a connection with S1 parents in the new school year and demonstrated the Parent Council in a different light from fundraising and campaigning.

Would you do anything differently?

Although the evening was a success we felt that, with this first event, there were a few rough edges. We intend to keep running these but make them as early in the school year as possible, September 23 was a little late. Although we've not planned next year's event we may also include a social break in the middle, move it to a Friday evening and try for more informality.

Are you going to continue with this work, or has it inspired you to do something else?

We will continue to do this work and some of the S1 parents who attended this year have volunteered to help next year.

How much did this work cost?

No cost other than the time volunteered by contributors.

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